You Are Made To Thrive

We approach counseling with the conviction that each person was created to thrive in life and relationships. Everyone encounters problems, pain, loss and many other challenges, but these do not need to determine your identity or future. Our therapeutic approach addresses your mind, emotions, spirit and body, creating a holistic approach to healing and growth.

Faith Based

Thrive believes faith is a powerful resource that helps heal. You may select a counselor with a Biblical theology background who is trained and equipped to integrate faith into the counseling process.

Better Relationships

The quality of your relationships helps you flourish physically and mentally. Our counselors are skilled in helping you improve your connection with others. We provide counseling for families, couples and individuals who want to have healthy, thriving relationships.

Trauma Care

Thrive specializes in trauma-informed care, which begins with an understanding that trauma and abuse can have long-lasting effects on individuals and their relationships. We work alongside you to help establish safety, build a sense of personal control and empower healthy choices. We focus on helping you move forward in life.

Our Mission

Thrive Counseling exists to facilitate healing, encourage healthy relationships and help people succeed in life through the provision of professional, faith-based counseling services. Thrive offers all of our services on a sliding scale, so that everyone has access to counseling, regardless of financial circumstances.

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